Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

Paye Lagu, Madam Ji! – and, those pubes DRENCHED…

First off a bit of a tribute to the black dude who I just saw.

Hes so sexy, so nice, with a flat slim chest like Master Wang, his dick is even bigger and longer!

While some guys have pubes “at the base of the dick”, this dudes lovely curly pubes extend all the way around his lovely, sexy, LONG – curved – UPWARDS – dong!

I’m a little sick today, so I didnt type a lot.

It was after my workout that I Saw it, a lovely female hand – nails painted all sorts of different colors (so NICE, Ma’am!) – was giving Master a handjob!

He came copiously, it would seem, and his precious seed stuck all to his pubes!

That brings back memories.

In Sin City Diaries, you’ll read about how most of my experiences with ladies of the night were when I paid for sex, everything – got the exact opposite!


And while a certain Madam was giving me a handjob (she wouldn’t blow me once she saw I was a faggot!) – I came like a fire hose too.

My cum stuck all to my own admittedly hairy pubes…

And she pulled the dick a little, one of my pubic hairs got caught.

I screamed in agony!

That was painful! HEhe. But she didnt mean to do it, I still remember her painstakingly removing each strand of hair with her lovely slim fingers…

Madam, you’re so nice!

Sin City Diaries, of course, is one of the best books to read – along with my CHinese femdom books, Indian femdom books, and of course – the peerless “Submissive Musings in Mainland China” – and Humiliation Central – if youre looking for REAL LIFE humiliation!

Big time.

Thank you, Princess Joanie. You’re too nice!

Anyway, today – I saw the black dude cumming, my thoughts?

I wouldn’t just pry the hairs apart.

I’d lick it up, and if one of his lovely pubes got in my mouth, I’d kiss it and eat it!

He’s so nice, he is lying there, legs spread, completely relaxed, a lovely dick curved upwards, moaning in pleasure as he cums!

And along with the Indian lady I saw today, her feet – well, toenails I believe were painted light purple, she was wearing a mask walking down the street, but my gaze of course ended up at her feet!

And she KNEW.


To me, it brings me to one central point.

If you do something, do it WELL!

Do it professionally

Both mentally, and physically.

For instance, my workout obsession, which I did even though I’m kinda sick today.

Same thing for Madam – cocks – and FEET, the most natural progression ever, of course, not in that order!

Anyway, do it right, or dont do it at all.

Dont be sucking dick like “a porn star” furiously bobbing your head up and down his wang, it won’t feel near as good despite what the idiots in porn have us “believe”.

Use them lips, use them fingers…. boy!

Be the sissy and faggot you ARE

And pick up the course on worshipping dicks, dongs, cocks – of every hue, shape and SIZE – right NOW.

Like I said, do it right or not at all.

Paye Lagu, Memsahib.

Paye Lagu, Malik.

So … so … NICE!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

Why Lucy Ma’am’s parents never met her boyfriend!

I’ve written enough about Princess Lucy and her many studly men, but it’s never enough!


Today, as I spoke to her after a while, it’s almost Chinese New Year now, I asked her about her lovers.

And if she took him home to meet her parents.

Now, for those that dont know, the insane pressure most Chinese parents put on WOMEN (their kids) to get married (but not the guys!) – is insane.

Men apparently age like wine, the older the better since they “earn more” …

While females, unfortunately, get the “sheng nv” (left over woman) status beyond 26 or so.

The situation is slowly improving, I’ve damn sure done my bit to make it improve! – but, regretfully, still not anywhere near what it should be.

The “rent a boyfriend/girlfriend” industry is alive and kicking in the PRC, friend, especially during Chinese New year, where parents, relatives, all and sundry will ask … and badger.Hehe.

So I asked her if she took the guy home, if just to get parents off her back.

Her reply.


“My bf haven’t met them!”

And I dont think he will either!


She’s in it for the SEX, and his lovely DICK, which I’ve seen,but not sucked upon.

Master Wang’s lovely dong though I’ve done both, so much of it, unfortunately he’s in Jiangxi, or I’d be cuckolded by them by now!

Maybe someday …

But other than being a slut for Master (I’d give Lucy some serious competition, I’m sure, hehe!) , I so wanted to introduce Lucy to him again (the first time I did, she was busy).

Maybe soon, but thats why her current bf didnt meet her parents!

She’s so nice, women like her, and perfect Madam Jenny, a 50 plus year old lady, a Goddess incarnate, make it all so worth it!

Paye Lagu Ma’am.

Please keep cuckolding and putting us sisses in their rightful, true, well deserved places!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Master Wang stuck his lovely tongue out!!

I never expected it – from me – and him.

I’ve seen him post his lovely cock, that cock I know so well if you get my drift so often on Twittter, the dong tantalizing, long, teasing, the absolutely lovely THATCH of dense, sexy, manly pubic hair especially at the base of the penis, which literally “bounces up and down”, I can almost feel it on my nose!

That sexy chest tapering down to an even slimmer waist which makes his dick look that much longer, my ex was right when I was FAT – honey, why is it that slim guys have the biggest dicks? Hehe.

The lovely dick, the beautiful pleasure buttons on his chest I gave him nipplegasms to so OFTEN – using the techniques described in the book, as Master moaned and writhed in ectasy … sheer, pure, utter lust fueled BLISS!

Anyway, I could write tomes on Master and his dong, I have before.

But this is about a recent video he posted, he has himself with his tongue out!

Naturally, I was surprised, it’s ladies that do that sort of thing, but looking at Master Wang doing it, my head spun all the same!

I’ve written often about the tongue pose that brats do – you sissies and submissives know what a turn on it is – along with the “Flexed” sole pointing at you!

I dont know if I wrote about the combo in Profound Poses, probably not, but I’m sure I mentioned both of these or a derivative thereof in the book – which you’ll want to pick up now – if EVER there was a book that “gets you in the mood” – this is it – so brutal and DELIGHTFUL are the descriptions of those poses we sissies and faggots so love!

You’ll want to get the book NOW.

But anyway, the two together – it’s so … MOCKING!

Madam’s foot talking to you, the sole. Like Madam Susan said, talk to her soles, boy, not her!

I knew this before, of course, but Susan still taught me so well, and with the tongue? Well, it’s her SPIT – her tongue that just has sucked another man’s COCK – which you want to KISS – and so many other fantasies running through your head (how would it feel when SHE sucked your dick, boy, which she never will! “As Princess Sophia told me “NEVER!!””) – and more!

It’s a MOCKING pose above all.

And Master does it so well!

I’ve been begging him to show his asshole and soles too on Twitter.

Maybe someday he will.

But that long lovely Chinese dick that drives me into paroxysms of LUST ever time I see it, that dense pubic HAIR …

I’ve worshipped that cock so often, using the techniques mentioned in Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots – a book Master HIGHLY recommends.

And if you, friend, want the chance to worship real man cock like that – sexy long dicks hanging out that you just KNOW you want to suckle on the cock head, well, you’ll have to learn how to worship it first, prove you make the cut before you’re allowed to get anywhere near dongs – or even Master Wang’s!

You have to pleasure him right, or not at all, boy!

Its that simple.

And the book I mentioned i.e. Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots is more than just a treatise on cock worship, admittedly the only one of it’s kind out there – it’s more than that though – its a lifechanging book, literally.

Read what a reader “Mungo Gary” said about it!

And get the book NOW.

I’ll be back.


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

“I am independent. I pay my own bills. I…

I wish I could find the lady – the Indian Queen and Goddess who posted this on Twitter, so brazen, and completely non findom related.

“I am independent.

I pay my own bills.

I am NOT kept.

I do the keeping!

… (I forget the exact quote, but that was the gist)”

My hands are shaking while typing this.

But its not because of her ravishing, drop dead lovely photo – its her STATMENT – that caused a rush, and ROAR of blood to go to my sissy loins, the WAY she said it!

Another one recently asked the following –

“Would you leave your wife to be my bitch forever?”

Would I??!

Ma’am, sissy faggots like us EXIST for that purpose, we dont even marry!


And it’s true!

But anyway … the VIBE.

That first lady up, there … so INDEPENDENT, confident, DOMINEERING, and BRAZEN – and DOMINATING!

THAT was the vibe.

And I loved it!

Even if she didnt pay her own bills, she’d be entitled to that, wouldn’t she?

After all, she’s a woman!

Some one responded with “so what, we all pay our own bills”.

True, but …

Someone asked why she “was showing off” (a lady asked).

Well, maybe she was, but …

……………………. I dont know, when a woman like that responds with something “even my maid pays her own bills”, two things come to mind for me –

Poor maid.

And, good on the two women for doing that!

THAT is what I love about most findominas, not so much the feet and photos etc – I LOVE those, dont get me wrong, but them TALKING.

Their statements.

And the arrogant, dominating vibe that comes off them in SPADES, like smoke off a bonfire, it’s so HOT!!

I love it.

I wish I could find the Twitter of that lady again, maybe I will in the future!

And I’ll retweet Ma’am, and write something, she deserves it.

Thank you so much, Madam. You’re so NICE!

Paye Lagu!


Mike Watson

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PS #2 – This morning, I woke up with some brain fog, tired from a workout yesterday. Was supposed to hit it hard again, but while doing the laundry, I paused…

Something, I dont know … then I got on Twitter, thought about what to write – and then I saw HER!

GORGEOUS, thank you so much for that statement, Madam!

Just awesome, absolutely … and I FEEL that way too.

These dominating women are so nice!

And I dedicate all of Submissive Musings to THEM.

Indian Femdom

Cumming on her long, lovely soles – and the…

I dont know, maybe it was the Gal Gadot movie I saw last night, Madam was just gorgeous as always, and as she snaked out one LONG leg to activate the security alarm (an intruder had broken into her house) – she did it with her foot, since she was tied up!

And we were all treated to a lovely LONG sole – Madam Gadot’s sole!

Or, maybe it was the lovely Indian lady I saw, somewhat fat, but still gorgeous, and decked out from head to toe in tight fitting clothes that revealed nothing, in sharp contrast to the FOOT that revealed it all.

Paye lagu, Malkin … JI!

She was smoking too!!!!!!!! OH MY!

And I fought the urge to drop down and kiss each one of her ten toes, all painted BRIGHT BLACK – reverently, and thank her for being … HER!

But I did post on Twitter. Hehe.

But anyway … cumming on soles?

I’ve often been told “clean it up after you do it!”

And I understand why, hehe. Madam doesn’t need to walk with cum all over here feet, does she, sticking to everything, shoes, socks, lint and so forth …

(although for SUBS, and Ms Priyanka did THIS so well … it can be paradise! Read Volume Two of Serving an Indian Goddess, you will know!)

But if you dont want to clean it up!

Well, you best not leave it on there, boy.

Remember the sex worker in China that looked at my cum in such utter disgust that for a minute I wondered (while at the same time instinctively KNOWING she would never do that to another person who paid her!) if I was the sex worker and she was the client!

I had the temerity to cum on her lovely, pristine white Chinese palms while she giggled and bounced my man tits around before finally putting her lovely red lips to my nipples, of course, it doesnt take long for me, and it didnt take long at all for me to get that blessed ORGASM – nipplegasm!


And the way she looked at that cum before washing it off.

On her feet, now, you dont expect her to stand and wash her own feet, boy, especially not caked with cum.

But even if you dont wipe it off – here is another – and maybe better alternative, also in “Serving an Indian Goddess“.

Truly, this book in the first three parts goes so far, the sequels are just icing on the cake, but blazing hot, ramping it up x 100 and more!

You massage it – INTO HER SOLES!

Your cum, your life giving seed, as Jyoti sneered at me …

Is nourishing the very BOTTOM of her soles, cracked soles, giving new life to them – and they sure did it for Ms, and Madam Pooja – and Mansi too when she let me do it once!

Rather than inside body, it’s on the lowest part of her body, where it deserves to be, perhaps that more than anything else is the turn on!

So there lies the alternative, friend, a great one, she will enjoy how soft and supple her feet become “like butter” as an SO of myself was once told, except this natural pedicure beats ANY you’ll ever get at a salon, pun intended (beats!)

And, pick up Serving an Indian Goddess now, it’s one of the best reads you’ll ever get.


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Why I so love hairy underarms!

I can just remember a certain Annie I once knew giggling about this –

I asked her “why some Chinese girls dont shave either down there … or their legs, or underarms!”

In case you didnt know it, the “because it’s normal” is the reason – at least for a lot of Chinese girls.

Not all, of course.

Madam Annie agrees that women should be and look better waxed, clean shaven…

But for ME?

I prefer that too, BUT… !

In Sin City Diaries, you’ll find tons of stories – all true – of me being dominated and humiliated and then I paid them! – by such lovely ladies in China, the sex workers, the “downtrodden lot”.

They’d never ever dare to do it with other clients. But they did it with me!

There’s that ONE girl I wrote about that I visited in “days bygone” at the bordello, where she literally started chatting with the person I came with – who was of course too curious to know what the foreign devil did with her in bed!

That one girl even licked MY underarms !

Of course, we never had sex.

All nipples, HJ and so forth …

But I wrote about the way she “knelt” in front of him, not me, maybe it was culturally “the thing to do” since they were both Chinese,I’ve often noticed in those places, foreigners get treated differently than Chinese, which I could never understand.

They’d often bring three girls out for the Chinese men to sample, for the foreigner, usually just one!

Maybe they knew I was a simp anyway. Hehe.

They were all girls doing the “bringing out”, when men did it, I believe the vibe was different!

But anyway – that aside…

The next time, I went there with someone else, and I met another girl there, and they brought out the entire “selection” for me.

And I chose that one girl who was staring me up and down with an X ray vision!

And THAT is the girl with the hairy underarms, in that sauna, that was something for her to do! (where women are expected to be in even more tip top shape).

This girl wouldn’t even give me a BJ without a condom on, hehe.

She was so NICE!

And thats just one of the tales in Sin City Diaries, but she had a BUSH under her arms, this morning, as I see a dominating Australian lady in the “muscle” pose showing off her hairy underarm, oh MY!

She is so NICE for doing that, Ma’am, thank you so much for your hairy underarms!

And I remembered that.

I remembered the girl.

I also remembered Madam Venus.

“I like man and money, MONEY is most important!”

She had a BUSH down there, she would not shave, and she expected head all the time, and would never give BJ’s, so NICE!

And money, of course, top of the list.

I wrote this morning on the other site about how nice it feels to give money to women!

And as I keep seeing the number 25 pop up, and $25 (For some reason) in these ladies’ feeds… it behooves me to tell you that …

These sizzling hot and true tales in Submissive Musings run you $19.99 a pop – which is literally “chicken feed” to read about the tales. Trust me on this one (and more importantly LEARN, so you can attract the same into your life!).

It also reminds me to kiss her hairy underarms, dripping with sweat – and to thank her for it.

Why should she shave?

Why should she wear makeup?

Or why not?

All up to HER, boy!

You just worship!

And on that note, get our products, and make it a very merry female dominated – FIN dominated – Christmas.

It’s so NICE!

Ma’am, thank you so much!


Mike Watson

PS – And WHY? Well, it’s just manlier, women being more manly, wearing the pants, so NICE!

Indian Femdom

Licking Payal Ma’am’s buttcrack while her third eye spooged…

Y’all remember the lovely Candice?

Here is where I wrote about her, making her MAN cum … the most important thing!

And in addition to that, I can’t remember if I mentioned it before, but her man got off on her squirting.

That being, a female orgasm where some “juices” are literally squirted out of the pussy.

Not something all females can do, but is apparently natural to some, and a huge turn on for many – usually alpha – males.

But what about squirting through the backside?

You know the squirt that happens you sissygasm, sissy?

That uncontrollable urge to pee and then BLISS as your rock hard cock pisses, something you might not have thought was either possible *it is* (though Rueben once asked me how he’d pee with a hard cock, he needed to be sucked! hehe) (he was watching BTV or something, got hard early in the morning) … or remotely pleasurable – it’s ULTRA pleasurable.

Well, men have sissygasms – or those with prostrates do.

Females dont have ’em, but the anal area is still extremely pleasurable for women, lots of nerve endings back there.

And after you sissygasm, ever notice that your ass pushes either your finger – or your dildo – “out a little”?

i.e expels it ?

I bet you have, and rightfully so, that area was always meant as a one way street!

Anyway, Payal Ma’am was what she herself called a “Milf – mother I’d like to fuck. For me, it was “GILS” – Goddess I’d like to serve!

Fat, overweight, yet oh so sexy that demanor, and mind … over middle aged, and still horny as heck, she once literally hired me for a night – as a hooker, if you can believe that to serve her.

Yes, it happens in India too!

And part of my duties were to lick her lovely round ass!

It was so nice!

That broad sexy brown back, so soft the skin, the lovely lower back, which I’d often press for her (Zor se Daba! do it harder, boy!) (I was a gigolo cum many other things for her) … the lovely bodacious ass cheeks I’d kiss repeatedly (she loved that!) – and then sniff her butt crack – really sniff it (she’d make me bark on occasion! Yes, Madam was KINKY!) … and then she’d finally allow access to her rosebud, I’d so worship it!

Tongue in, tongue out, many a night … and best part, I did all this usually after her lover, another sexy Indian guy with a lovely slim waist, almost hairless body (almost) but DENSE pubes at the base of that LOVELY MEMBER of his, long, sexy and the head pointing downwards *(cut) had his way with her – in her ass!

I still remember how he fucked her, he’d go deep, then pull out, then to all sides, literally cleaning her out from the inside out as she lay there, face down, moaning.

I dont blame her, he did it well!

He never fucked me in the ass, but many others have, and I know how BLISSFUL IT IS, just lie there, and the man goes bang bang!

Hence, Sissygasm Central … a book that truly will ROCK you – pun intended, and not. But anyway, one regret I had with her lover ?

NOT putting my tongue in deep inside his asshole while he was cumming, maybe I’d reach his prostrate, give him an even better load!

I know thats not possible, though my tongue can extend a lot, is pretty talented!

But really, fingering his prostrate as he cums, caressing his balls, his perennial regions, even TUGGING his lovely balls, he’s moan in PLEASURE more, have a better orgasm, isnt that so NICE!

A regret I did not have? 

Licking his cum out of Payal’s ass!

Eating it up …

And often times, when he was done, he’d pull out, cock not yet fully flaccid, still dripping grunge and goo, it would hit me on the tip of my nose, Id gratefully slobber the mess up, and then of course her ass would contract, spitting out some cum at me, it would be SO NICE, SO eROTIC!

I’d go to town on her, often times suck him off again – as if I needed a second invitation!

She is so nice!

And being a cuckold and sissy, SERVING instead of being served, so nice!

I’m out. Back soon!


Mike Watson

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Indian Femdom

Those Indian dicks I saw were so NICE!

I dont know what has been going on as of late, my friend.

Everything has been Indian, Indian, Indian – which is great, of course!

Lots of you are GREAT fan of Indian femdom, and that alone, and I understand – Indian Madam’s have their own style, don’t they?

And as I sit here writing this, I gotta ask, yet again – WHY do you ladies for the most not show your entire face – and why are all the femdom/even porn (regular) videos made in India made with shaky smartphones, or … I dont know, not done professionally at all, no HD?

I dont know, maybe the culture, maybe the rules of the country, India is such a contradictory place, perhaps the most in the world.

After the US and the UK, India tops the world in porn searches on Google, which isn’t something to be scoffed at!

Some major money making opportunities being left on the table, me thinks, not that no-one is making those great movies anyway – just ask a certain Sunny Leone!

Anyway, as I sit here NAKED in freezing cold weather, I’m touching my nipples. Just once, but I did it in the shower- just once, although I dont need to do it, ever since I’ve been seeing these lovely Indian ladies, and their special style, the way they humiliate … and CUCKOLD – I’ve been going “nuts”!

And leaking furiously.

Anyway, dicks!

They’re always better when accompanied by lovely asses, sexy succulent BALLS – and the ASS CRACK – both of theirs – OH MY!

And the KING of it all – or should I say QUEEN- Madam’s soles, and HIS ASS!

That is another one not covered in Profound Poses, which every sissy reading this must get NOW.

It truly paints the sexiest picture in your mind, and I’ll be putting out Volume Two shortly – which will center on Profoun CUCKOLD poses, even sexier!

But anyway, the lovely dicks!

I think they were Indian…

First was an Indian guy being cuckolded by his wife, he pays for her and her lover to go to a hotel, and they show them making out in a bed- Madam’s FAIR skin, her lovely SOLES – and he (lover) – dark skin – plunging BALLS DEEP INTO HER!

So – NICE!

That ass crack is so NICE, my friend, the camera centers so tantalizingly on it, almost prying it open, as I so want, smell his hairy MUSK, service his lovely asshole, flick my tongue in and out, lick his perennial region, his balls, everything.

He’s so NICE!

That sexy slim BACK!

Anyway, that movie didnt show his dick, or maybe I didnt see it, I dont know, but the next one I saw – oh my.

Tall dude, could be black from what I know, or mixed.

Naked, sexy as heck slim, trim and TONED!(kind of like me, hehe). 

Such a sexy chest and nipples I’d kiss all day – and Madam and him were both naked – and in an argument over something. 

Later they made up – via making love!

And they show his dick erect throughout it all.


Curved, sexy, the kind that curves DOWNWARDS, and just didnt “go to half mast” even for a second!

I’d so love to suck the HEAD!

Along with that, I saw some other Indian dicks nearby.

Indian dicks are so nice, so unique, dark, yet purplish in color – the HEAD – black dicks are different in that regard.

Anyway, I dont know, but you sissies KNOW!

The LUST, The RAGING LUST you sissies feel upon seeing a studly handsome man plowing YOUR woman balls deep, and his dong, his cock, you’d do anything to worship the dong, the CROWN of his dong, lick his pee hole … you know, oh MY!

And its exactly for that reason I put out the best ever course on servicing cock like the true sissy you are and were meant to be.

Studs, make your cuck do this to you!

And ladies, well, you probably know it naturally, but there are a few tips in there for you too!

Truly steaming hot, one of our most popular courses, a must grab – NOW.

Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots!



Mike Watson

PS – Those dicks were really so nice, I can smell the skin, and especially the ass crack, I want the MUSK!

Indian Femdom

Memsahib JI’s socks are so nice, as she relaxes,…

Ma’am was right there!

In a park …

She’s not remotely fit – she could be classified as obese – nigh obese.

With rolls of fat – worshipworthy FAT spilling out from under her waist!

Fat face, all decked up in blue, with another friend of hers… (equally poor physical condition).

They were lying there in the park, and Madam – or Memsahib, being she is Indian (I believe!) – was lying there on her stomach, eating something, oblivous to the world, shoes off, and SOLES dangling!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yall will recall that one of the most Profound Poses I wrote about in the book on it – on her bed, stomach – feet up, CALVES visible, soles dangling – all cucks and footboys are familiar with that pose, and how it makes them salivate and drop to their knees to worship instantly!

Makes ANY WOMAN, even those not dominating – look so nice, so dominating, the sheer nature of the pose!

And, this went a step further.

Ma’am wasn’t just covered, she was heavily clothed (winter attire).

Her feet weren’t visible, just a fat dirty sock, and a fat calf, from a distance.

But I was leaking, looking from a distance, as her lovely SOLE dangled, and her socks, the dirty, grimy, bottom of her socks – I remembered Ms Priyanka, and what she made me do with those socks – post her tennis match!

That remains one of the most inventive and innovative femdom techniques ever and you’ll have to read “Serving an Indian Goddess” to know more about it – and what she did.

Another highly innovative book in that regard – or rather the way I was dominated, “bruised” and tortured, hehe – “Krystal – the teaching Assistant that was ANYTHING BUT!

You guys simply MUST get the books above, my friend.

And back to Memsahib…

She’s so NICE!

All I could think of was pressing her soles repeatedly, dirty socks and all, and the calf, while she lay there, ignoring me,occasionally commanding me …

They’re her socks.

It’s her foot sweat.

IT’s holy.

And thats all there is to say!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the books above NOW. You guys will LOVE THEM!

Indian Femdom

How Ma’am used to, and LOVED to – squeeze…

When life gives you lemons, what do you do ?

Make lemonade, of course.

Or, as a certain girl once told me “make lemon cake”.

Yours truly the “Real Mc Coy of Femdom”, and forever a PRincess Joanie and Pooja Memsahib … JI! fan – says this too –

“Squeeze them, get the juice out!”

Now, the cuckoldry, humiliation, none of this is new – even the scat worship – for these two lovely ladies.

One Chinese, 24 – the other Indian, 55 plus – both the polar EXACT SAME mentally, and the younger/older version of the other!


Even their feet look the same, the red nailpolish does too. Hehe.

Their kicks, the cuckolding – all of it!

But anyway ………….

For someone as well versed in getting my bollocks kicked, someone who wrote the very well received, and ONLY ONE OF ITS KIND MANUAL on this out there – Ball Busting 101 – for someone that literally pioneered these MOST INNOVATIVE ballbusting techniques…

… its funny, but I haven’t used most of them at all on myself – for the MOST PART.

Trust me, I’ve had it all done to me.

Or I wouldn’t write about it to you, period. Mike Watson TESTS everything out for years in some cases before telling YOU.

Remember the tale of the lady I wrote about in this email?

Well, on the topic of strong ladies – Pooja Memsahib is another strong lady – but she drinks way too much these days, hence the stature is not quite that of the other lady I wrote about – NOW!

But years ago, Ma’am was the same!

And those rolls of fat – SO SEXY!


But anyway, the grip always goes last on a real strongman or woman – as my fitness friend keeps saying.

And Pooja Memsahib was NO Stranger to busting my balls, except she wouldnt even kick!

Those lovely legs wouldn’t lift up, hehe.

I’d lift them up literally as she lay there, she wouldnt even make the effort of lifting them up post massage, what aQUEEN!

Ditto for Joanie.

And when they wanted to squeeze my balls, well, I’d just stand there on command.

Bits dangling.


No POW! kick.

No tickles.

No gentle knees.

Just an interested look, sometimes a nipple tweak.

And then full on – they would just GRAB the balls and SQUEEZE!

OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And often time, right after?

They would do these two things –

Flick my nipples – always – but just ONCE

And put a gloved finger in my ass, or usually that buttplugremote controlled – I so love, and CONTROL IT!

And the sheer pain – and lust – together?

Had to be seen to be felt!

And as I’d sissygasm, the PAIN – and ectasy – was BEYOND COMPARE .

Both of them.

Blue balls?

Mine were literally yellow?!

And that, my friend is that.

Lovely yellow skin doing it too (Chinese and Indian ladies).



Mike Watson

PS – Here is BallBusting 101 – truly THE definitive course on this.

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