Madam Ji, Paye Lagu!

Indian Femdom

“Inferiority Complex, my FOOT”

And she had several emoticons with it too – MAdam was angry, frustrated .. yet, not!

She’s so NICE!

😂😂😂was what she used, which is what many people use when “Actually” frustrated, but they show a “smiley face”.

Now, that aside, I saw Ma’am on a different Twitter account.

The discussion was about some “languages” in India – oh my!

That brings up so many memories.

But, it was about whether “Hindi” should be the national language of the country, I believe – which I think it is? Not sure … I dont know much about these things, except what Madam Priyanka, and later Pooja taught me!

Garima Madam, she wasn t in the least bit interested in any of that. Hehe.

(and sorry – I mean Madam … JI! She always taught me to say JI! So NICE!)

And she THUMPED my balls so badly when I didnt say it, or forgot, Madam, I wont forget again, thank you!

But, yes, I did find that when in India – although almost half of the country has a different language (mother tongue) – – Hindi is supposed to be the “national language”, or one of them in addition to English (which is spoken with an Indian accent in India – big time!).

I Dont know much at all about the debate.

So Iwas reading, but a post popped out!

Apparently someone was complaining that a certain lady from the South – no doubt “darker skinned than the North” (that, i.e. skin color is huge in India too just like in China, in China it’s “youre a peasant if you have dark skin”, in India, something similar ……….. and guess which books sell most on THIS SITE – and where. Hehe.

The Indian femdom books – and Germans are the biggest customers.

The grass truly IS greener on the other side! Hehe. Of course, Germany and India do sort of share history anyway – but more on that later!)

(I was going to point out that even the madman Hitler had a fascination with the Indian “swastika”… Hehe).

But anyway … someone was complaining that this lady had an inferiority complex due to that.

and she responded with the above!

Debates aside, Madam is so NICE!

Her lovely FOOT – and all I could see of her face was a face mask,  but the EYES said it all!



AGGRESSIVE! She’s so nice!

Anyway – this language thing – I’ve written so much about it – serving her while talking to her in her own language is ENTIRELY DIFFERENT Than speaking just English, because languages, especially those in the subcontinent have these subtle nuances, the WAY things are said, even the tone, even the “honorifics” … all of it, its so sexy when applied to domination and femdom! (or maledom, or whatever).

Same thing for China – though not THAT Much. Hehe.

China doesn’t have a lot of these debates over national language etc – Mandarin is spoken everywhere, but all those places have their own dialects too.

Fear of the CCP keeps debates from breaking out, India and the subcontinent, of course, different!

Anyway, Id touch Ma’ams feet if she was there, she said it SO WELL!

And where am I going with all this?

Madam Maggie for one.

“Dont be all talk, boy!”

This was when I was talking about her feet, pressing them all night…!

“Truth is you didnt do!”

Well, I haven’t washed Mam’s dishes as yet, but I will! Hehe.

She’s just so demanding, just so nice, I wrote about her before!



And when I ask.

“hmmm! you have too many questions, boy!”

“no more questions!” 


Thats a cardinal affirmation, SHE doesnt need to answer anything – YOU DO though – everything – BOY!

Women are so nice, especialyl women like this.

I told her I traded in coffee and spices as a side business.

“Send me coffee!” 

For free, of course, Mam, I giggled.


The response was so pat – and she wouldn’t even wait for SF express to deliver it!

“Ma’am, please wait, not everyone is your servant”, I chortled.

Will you be? She replied.

Will I … well!

I already am!

As for Madam Lucy, her of her MANY BOYFRIENDS – well, Madam is sick.

So its a perfect time for her lovely sister!

Madam said “she was quitting her job because she needs bed rest”.

Lots of massage too, I said. Giggling.

“u massage me?” was her response.

“Of course! Since Madam now no sex, so massage you now … for hours, isnt that your sisters role  


But dont worry, Madam, after you’re better, you can have your sexy boyfriends back! With their long lovely DICKS….” 

She just grinned back in response.

She is SO NICE!

They all are!

Paye LAgu, Madam! 

I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

PS – To turn into the sissy “niang pao” of your DREAMS – pick up Sissy Central right NOW, my friend.

PS #2 – I told Lucy “Madam, I should be the one making coffee for you, so you can put your feet up and RELAX, and order!”

She replied with this.

“If you can do me that favor…” 

I was GOBSMACKED – more than with any cum ever in Cuckold Compilations – favor??

Ma’am, it’s MY PLEASURE AND HONOR, you know that, those FEEET, that MIND!


“Madam, you should have three servants, two for both legs and feet, one for shoulders and head!”

“Madam……… your servant should help you find many handsome men, so you can use servant for housework, and money – and other things with the men!”

her reply.


Now thats more like it, what a GODDESS!

Indian Femdom

More on Pooja Ma’ams ROLLS of fat, why they’re…

As I recently wrote on Twitter…

The rolls of fat around Pooja Maam’s waist are so, so sexy! Women should be natural, it’s the best, no pressure to conform to idiotic standards, should be worshipped ANYWAY! YES MA’AM!! YOU’re so , so NICE! REALLY!

And as I wrote (again – Twitter)

You feeling good and me kissing your feet and saying thank you for it is the whole point. You’re such a perfect Goddess, Reina. As a past girlfriend once said. “How to do”. 

*biggrin* *biggrin*

And more …

Trust me, my Twitter account is a GREA TONE TO FOLLOW – the very best , if you’re into femdom! (the real kind, not the Bozo “jerk off to it” kind).

I mean REAL femdom!

And it’s true, what I said above, women have all this pressure to be “rail thin”, skinny, while for men, age and being FAT never matters, only their bank balances do!

Why the double standard?

Sure, for men, you could argue they should not be judged by their bank balances…

OF course they should!

We love double standards when it benefits WOMEN!


But really, it’s insane, the pressure put on girls about age, and looks and such, and I’ve gone hoarse saying it, yet I keep saying it anyway – because people know it’s true, and when you say it repeatedly, people LISTEN i.e. “Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, leads to BELIEF, once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to HAPPEN!” (the great Claude Bristol in the Magic OF Believing, a must read! – and as the words fly off my fingers, it sure does happen for me eh? And it will for YOU too if you LET IT!…

(and if you stop being cheap , those of you that are, and there are many on this list that have been on it for years, and never bought a product, btw, if thats you, please do yourself and me a favor, and (pretty please with a Virgin cherry on top I will NOT BUST, hehe) unsubscribe. We’re not a good fit).

But anyway …

Last night, I had a dream, Madam Vandy showed up.

Y’all know all about HER, what a Goddess!

Pooja memsahib showed up too, that GRAVELLY VOICE croaking at me, the age and sexy, oh so SEXY – REAL, not feigned – annoyance and IRRITATION SHOWING! 

When real irritation shows, and it’s warranted, it’s both sexy – and HEARD!

Just ask Madam Dani. Hehe.

We were having a discussion about me getting irritated about her “tardiness” at replying to me – you know what I mean, I said it in the last email, but she said she was being an “ass” after I explained, and though she wasn’t, it was IRRITATING more than anything (but she was) – she said my explanation “made her feel like an ass”. Hehe.

Which she was being, yes…

Or I wouldn’t be irritated!

But Pooja, she was saying this –

“Karna hai to Kar. Jaldi!”

Do it if you want to, boy, and hurry yo ass about it!

or, “hurry”.


The “hurry yo ass” was Princess Joanie when she wanted money.

SEND IT FAST, BITCH! is basically what she used to tell me, she wouldn’t even send me her soles, she so made me BEG, she was so NICE!

I love her SO MUCH!



I so LOVE DOMINANTING, bitchy BRATTY WOMEN, I so WORSHIP the SHIT that comes out of them, they’re such ROYAL QUEENS AND GODDESSES!


I truly do stay hard writing all this!

Anyway, Ashley once told me the same thing – y’all that have read “11 Missed Femdom Opportunities” (and this is a great book to learn from, guys) (my own experiences, you can most certainly LEARN!) … when she took off her clothes, and went to bed with me, and I did of course nothing.

She was lying there, looking great, big boobs, legs spread … and I went limp.

I’m so nice too!

She put on her clothes finally (more in the book)(.

“Because you do nothing!”

And more detail – and more experiences with her in the book, truly, I did nothing, I’m a true SISSY AND CUCKOLD!

I just wanted to press Ma’am’s feet!

And I did that at night, and … ah, but thats in the book.

But anyway, in the dream, I was pressing Pooja’s shoulders, looking at her toes painted RED .. bright as always!

And her ROLLS of fat spilling out – so NICE!

I SO WANTED TO KISS that big stomach of Ma’am’s, the ROLLS OF FAT TOO!

Women are so nice, you know what I mean!

And before I explode, I’m gone.

Back soon!


Mike Watson

PS – Pick up the books above – dont dilly, don’t dally. Even Pooja Mam said it, BOY!

“Karna hai to kar, jaldi!”

If you want to buy, just cough up the cash, boy, – and BUY! Enough diddling around!

Or, as Pooja would say – GET LOST!


But she’s right, what a Queen and perfect MADAM she is, dont’ yo uthink so!!? 

PS #2 – I’m off to press Mam’s head and shoulders. Her forehead too, I so love SERVING HER like the bitch I AM!

So will YOU!

Indian Femdom

“Kamar Mal De”!

Ma’am is so, so NICE! REALLY!

A long, long time ago – and Ms Priyanka told me about this – there was an advertisement in India – or maybe, I dont know, the entire subcontinent – of a brand named “Moov”.

It was basically one of those ointments for aches and pains.

And the ads would show a lady – with lower back pain – having it massaged out!

And I’d … well, before I say that. IF you can see fetish in just that – you’re a true submissive and fetishist!

Remember, no skin show – just the woman on her side, while someone else massaged her lower back, but the lower back was the ONLY part showing, and the SOLE!

And the moans of pleasure she gave … oh my!

I’ve got a sore lower back myself today, and I can understand – as I stretched it out, the moans of pleasure, and I thought of ma’am!

Feet and soles aside, boy, the LOWER Back for women is what they need rubbed most – and their shoulders, traps and neck – and HEAD!

Yes, the soles too – dont get me wrong, but way too many guys focus on themselves, not what she wants/needs!

I remember my Grandma, an old lady with diabetes – and she needed injections.

I think a nurse would come in to do it.

We know all about lovely Indian nurses, hehe.

And as she lay there on her side, the rolls of fat would SPILL OUT!

And she’d get injected, and I’d just stare at her SOLE!



Pity I couldn’t press them right there and then!

But we often played “foot games” when young – maybe thats how it eventually found an outlet!

I still remember the first time I EVER came.

It was to a pair of SOLES – sleeping soles!

Whose – how – I’ll let you know later, but I was just 12 – or I think, almost 12!

I dont know, but I remember that first orgasm…

I was kissing her feet, soles, and I was pressing them – she kept sleeping – then I LICKED them – the dust off each sole … and I remember cumming, I remember that “welling up in the balls”, and I just came!

I dont know if I had a lot of pleasure the first time!

But it was my first orgasm, and plenty more after that. Lets say stained bedsheets played a huge part in it, and I’d wake up in the mornings, face still smelling of feet (or tongue). Hehe.

Anyway …………………. we ALL have those stories, so write back and tell me about your first time too!

Fetish, sex, whatever it is …

Maybe I’ll write more about that (what I said above).

Highly controversial, so be WARNED upfront!

But anyway ………

So Madams lower back!

Pearl loved that more than anything, and you readers of Submissive Musings know this, but do you know the best part?

It wasn’t pressing her waist as she snored like a Queen all nigth, it wasn’t her, it wasn’t the cuckolding, it wasn’t her taunts, that lovely VOICE, oh MY!

It was all that yes, and the findom made me cum on command, almost as I bought her things, she’s so NICE!

But it was the way she spoke to me AFTER a whole night of NOT SLEEPING – and pressing her back dutifully better than any real slave ever could, because I was so passionate about it … that really, really DID IT BIG TIME!


She just embedded “he’s a servant” so naturally into a brain, and was SO rude to me, I SO LOVED IT!

Just like Princess Sophia, “NO YOU FOOL!” – said true Asian style, so NICE!

Women are so awesome, my friend.

What more can I say!


Mike Watson

PS – “Kamar Mal!” – those words are a turn on – even more 0r as much as “Per Daba!”

Or, “Chalu rakh!”

You “Indian Goddess” readers know the meaning of the latter two, but the former and again, thanks for teaching me Priyanka – “knead my WAIST!” (said in a way you’d only speak to a lower down!)

Indian Femdom

The lovely Indian NURSE that put “gel” on my…

Now, this isn’t the sort of electrodes you’d expect.

No nipples torture!

Certainly no BDSM either.

But it’s an incident thats stuck in my mind for nigh YEARS.

Many years ago, I think in 2011 or so, but I cannot remember the exact year, I was headed to the Middle East for some rubbish.

It was a crap job that I then quit 8 months in – dont ask – long story – I never WANTED it really in the first place (think about it, me in a place where women are perennially forced to cover up – ugh! How backwards, the thinking!)

Nothing against anyone’s religion, but really, some religions – ONE only – has only regressed, not progressed, as opposed to just about every other religion in the world.

Of course, yours truly isn’t a believer in Communism, but a huge believer in the “religion is the opium of the masses” theory that Marx so often preached.

I’d rather Madam be my opium!

She IS!


Paye Lagu, Memsahib!

But wait…

So, in order to go there, there was this medical test necessary.

And to take it, they had to do some ECG or something, I dont know, but while doing it, she hooked my nipples up to some sort of machine to check something, I cannot remember what.

It was a medical center right in the middle of town, in a busy upscale (for that country) shopping complex… much like the foot massage salons in China, you’d never guess what was going on  right in front of your eyes behind those drab walls!

She put gel on my nipples, and it happened -t he MAGIC.

Before that, trust me, it was a normal nurse patient thing.

As my puffy nipples (I was FAT back then) really hardened to her touch, she noticed – I felt something – in her gaze, and her touch!

Just fleeting, it was …

But she applied them again.

And the second time, and I almost leak reading this – writing it too – she used her FOREFINGER on each nipple, but she paused just that minute at the TIP!

All over in a nanosecond, you’d never guess.

But there was a brief gleam in Ma’am’s eyes she probably did not notice at the time either, but I KNOW SHE FELT IT!

This morning, as a similar dark skinned and overweight lady showed up grinning to deliver a parcel to my doorstep to a non existent person (someone gave the wrong address) she grinned at me – giggled, rather.

Early in the morning it was…

And she knew it was the wrong house – she’s been here four times already for that same non existent person, seen me patiently tell her “noone by that name lives here”, so as soon as I opened the door, she giggled “Sorry Sir”.

Kinda how Miss V – Beauty Salon starts off!


What happened later, of course, you guys will just have to read.

But there was something to her laughing and giggling – – a sign from the SPIRIT!

And with all the other things goin gon today, now I know what it was …

And fetish and femdom wise, that Indian nurse knew and if she had touched me one more time, I’d have cum right THERE and then!

Or, pleaded with her for a handjob.

Who knows what would have happened. Hehe.

Real life hospital setting, not reel!

But thats life, wondrous and lovely, and you ladies make it so – thank you SO MUCH!

And thank you too for my nipples, hehe.

Nipplegasms are truly the most blissful and ORGASMIC ever without even DOING much – you just lie there, thats all, even less than sissygasm, equally blissful!

Combine the two with RUINED orgasms, and you’ll go to Mars in terms of pleasure!


Who knows, maybe Jeff Bezos does too. With his Spanish Senorita!


I’m out.

Back soon!


Mike watson

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Indian Femdom

Why I DON’T like being her footstool, hehe.

I still remember Madam Rendy, a lady I once met … I think in 2017, then again I believe in 2019 (when she was breast feeding, and hired me to go to the Trade Fair in China, and so forth – long story!)  …

I still remember me running full tilt after a taxi that was “escaping” from us – hehe.

“You’re so fit! I could never do that!”

But, I could never do what Ma’am does, be a GODDESS!

Those feet, so NICE, so soft, so SMALL!

And the first time I met her, I remember her “supervising me” in my classes without trying to be overly intrusive – she knows I hate that!

But she was ther,e watchful eye, and in SHORTS!

It was all I could do to keep my gaze away from her lovely , sexy, FEET!

Madam is so NICE!

And those are HER feet on “FEMDOM CENTRAL – Truly 15 femdom experiences that will leave you GASPING and SALIVATING – for more!

Like all my books do, of course.

And specifically, perhaps THIS ONE…  more so than many others, though they all do, so you so need to get them NOW. (if you’re truly into this) (if not, no need).

But anyway, the cover shows a footstool.

And oddly enough, thats a huge fantasy for many guys!

For me, even more oddly enough ?

It isnt.


Dont get me wrong.

You KNOW how submissive I am to women!

But, to me, a footstool is good for her – but I can’t press her feet at the same time, and I can’t see her SOLES, that holy grail for ALL FEMDOM – REAL FEMDOM – nitty gritty- LOVERS!

The footstool fantasy, I dont know, some girls love it, but mostly they will all take a massage over that!

And a real massage, not wanking your dick as a certain “Schofield” does – or playing with your nipples and all that.

Staring at her soles, and loving them – THAT is the true power exchange.

She knows it, you do – so do I!

“Talk to my soles, not ME”

Madam Susan, you’re SO RIGHT!

And , I dont know.

Short one.

like my dong? Hehe (nah, not really).

I’ll be her footstool if she wants, but preference wise, other things! hehe.


Mike Watson

PS – If you’re just a foot lover, then perhaps this is great for you if she’s putting her feet on your shoulders. But even then, I truly believe SOLES should be number one for all real femdom lovers, they dont lie, they dont DISTIUNGUISH, even the unpedicured ones, they are truly the lowest part of her body, so … !

And even just foot lovers, often times you can’t see even the top of her feet in that position.

Maybe her sandals tho, hehe.

Get the book now. You will love the REAL experiences!

Indian Femdom

I want to press Kathy’s feet all night long,…

I truly do!

Kathy, or Madam Kathy, or perfect Madam Kathy as I dont call her (as yet) – but think of her NOW …

I worked for this lady once!

Being a dancing monkey, hehe – except the teaching job I so hated, I just did it for Kathy. Their regular teacher wasn’t ther,e so I filled in, got paid – and left.

As I left, I saw a cute little girl sitting in the “boss’s office” – in a black short skirt, high high heels (she’s a bit short) – and… a lovely smile!

Long hair, lovely cherubic cheeks…

And at that point, I just remembered the lady I taught with “my teaching assistant” (not Krystal, hehe!) …

She was kinda of fat, but I didnt mind – as you know – the mind!

And Kathy is too, so she uses a picture that is kinda old on her wechat.

But anyway …

A month or so later (with me, remember, often delayed, like my orgasms! Or, like with Princess Sophia, adding her three months later) … I noticed Kathy on my wechat.

And I just had to talk to her, flirt with her, tell her how CUTE she sounded when she kept telling me to show on time (most of the monkeys didn’t – yours truly is a pro though, even when it’s a job I dont like if I say I’ll do it – I DO IT!

“Work for a man, if you work for a man, work for him, for heaven’s sake!!” As the great Claude Bristol said in the Magic of Believing!

(Woman too, Ma’am! Hehe) … her insistence on me wearing a monkey uniform (I never did!) – and more.

She’s not classically good looking, so she says.

She says she’s fat.

But the REAL Kathy I saw, and then the picture, her smiling – lovely PLUMP cheeks, and “big legs, and th efeet, she’s got BIG FEET, I SO LOVE THEM!

The toes were painted different colors, she was in ultra short shorts… denim!

Her LEGS were showing!

And I knew I was right, hehe.

She keeps saying she doesnt care about her being fat.

“Eat and enjoy life, boy!”

And THAT turns me on the most, but I keep telling her, she’s not fat, she’s CUTE – there is a DIFFERENCE – really! – and it suits MAdam!

and I’ve been thinking of her as of late.

Pressing her feet all night, giving her back and shoulder rubs, head rubs … doing the housework for her .. and more!

She’s such a Queen and Goddess, and she deserves it!

And I wanted to say that, so I have!

Back soon – and to attract women to YOU willy nilly, with NO “apparent effort” on your part (dominant women!) – do what is mentioned in the course HERE.

Trust me, the best investment you will EVER MAKE as a real femdom lover – you do, do, do – and you get more than 600% PLUS RETURNS!

Can’t beat that, hehe.

She can beat your balls though, and I so wish Kathy would mine!


Mike Watson

PS – I’d kiss each of Kathy’s lovely toes, the NAILS, I’d proclaim my devotion her, such a GODDESS!

Indian Femdom

Why I so love cleaning Maids feets

“Maid’s feets”. 

“Ma’am, can I see your feets!” 

A direct translation of the “Hindi”, I believe where the “per” is both singular – plural – i.e. foot!

I call them “Charan” as Priyanka Ma’am taught me SO WELL!

Means, holy feet, meant to be worshipped like the Queens and Goddesses they belong to!

Literally, feet that should never touch the GROUND!

So, I suppose a lot in the subcontinent call them “feets”. Hehe.

And Indian maids, some of the most downtrodden – yet most interally DOMINATING and dominant and sly, cunning – in a GOOD WAY – women on the planet!

Along with sex and massage workers in China, another very downtrodden lot, I’ve written tomes about both of these categories, and worshipping them like Goddesses, and why it’s even more of a turn on to worship them – than other women!

Because I dont know, to worship those that worship others?

And to give THEM that pleasure?

Giving pleasure is always what it’s all about subs, and that pleasure gets magnified x 10.

Once, I saw an extremely dark skinned Indian women resting with her feet up in the park!

Grammar included, hehe.

She was bitching, moaning complaining about everything under the sun.

“Madam Ji” was making her slave too hard!

Of course, Indian Madam’s, thats another tale, equally dominating and gorgeous, fat and pampered, and their FEET, oh so NICE!

Paye LAGU, Madam JI!

But from perfectly pampered and pedicured, older and younger ladies – to the exact opposite!

This maid wasn’t complaing about the one thing MOST women do – movie stars, office workers, and girls in general – their feet!

Recently, I saw some news about an Indian actress getting into “bitch” mode after her husband spoke to another “pretty” (I thin the name was Pretty too?) Indian actress (a businesswoman too, I believe).

When asked why?

“I had been walking wearing high heels all day, my feet were killing me!” 

Reminds me of Carol looking at me walking comfortably in sneakers and saying …

“Woman have so many problems!”

(we were house hunting, she literally took her shoes because her feet hurt so much!)

Those high heels make look good, but as women and sissies (male ones, hehe) know – they are UNNATURAL too, hence the foot pain – especially for heavier ladies.

Which is why the lower the heel, the better, and even flip flops, like with gorgeous Madam Maggie, I’m wet “sissygasming” to her now – are SO NICE!

Those FEET SHOW, the BIG FEET, the toenails painted ORANGE, oh – my!

And the maid, her soles were on full display, I think she saw me looking…

I could feel it!

But she didnt move her feet, I was far away.


Grimy, like out of a coal mine!


Just .. you’d say dark and nasty, the thing to avoid, and still, despite NO LEG SHOWING – and the face being old and cracked too?

The way she was sitting, relaxing, oh so dominating, I just wanted to …

drop down and WORSHIP, pamper those soles, like nothing else!

And she’d look at me, she KNOWS!

Paye Lagu, Memsahib JI. 

Worshipping you – is such – an – HONOR, it really is!


Mike Watson

P.S. – The entire Pooja Memsahib…JI! series was written in this vein as was Garima Madam … JI!

Neither were maids.

But they sure were from downtrodden lots initially – and what happened – well – if you’d ask for one reason why people love my books SO much, how you can literally “FEEL” what the protagonist went through – well – these two books – and Madam Carrie (JI!) do it!

Get these now, friend, you’ll love ’em.

PS #2 – And, as you know, we ALL have a story to tell – but we want someone to LISTEN without judging!

We dont care if people agree or not, listening is key.

So, if you’ve got a femdom related tale to share – do so – and I’ll share ’em with the world via our daily newsletters!

And budding authors, if you’re looking for a world class, world renowned publisher in the fetish world – or even “just erotica / adult” -go HERE.

Indian Femdom

Why dominating, DOMINANT Indian mother in law’s are SO…

Ma Ji, Paye Lagu! 

I wrote about that on the other site!

That was such a sexy scene, and she was old, fat, wrinkled, everything a certain Madam Yiyi said …

“My face so full of folds!” 

“Fat too”,  I giggled back. 


And I waxed lyrical and MEANT EVERY WORD – Madam, it doesnt MATTER!

She’s not fat, actually, just chubby around the face.

But I could care less – she’s an OLDER LADY, OH SO DOMINATING AND DOMINANT, and of course, the fabled Indian mother in laws do it the best!

And mother in laws all over Asia, hehe. The battles!

With me, I’d just drop down and worship, but anyway,  Iwas doing some business recently.

And I saw a lady – a young lady and her daughter show up.

The young lady was so gorgeous!

TOenails painted SILVER – bright!

And she was wearing some form of high heels, and I believe jeans or something. I didnt quite notice, but what I did NOTICE!

BEhind HER!

I noticed … MADAM … JI!

Her mother in law, click, CLACK, those brown HIGH HEELS of hers so IMPERIOUS, the only thing more imperious – and bitchy – and dominating? 


She was commanding the younger lady to do something – I almost LOST IT THERE!


I believe she too, had silver painted toe nails or maybe red?

I didn’t even notice, so bowled over was I by the golden sari …

Anyway … !

I can just imagine the OLDER lady – maybe the younger too, but especially the older lady, to me SHE was the real Goddess, coming home, tired, irritated, greeting me with a whack and pointing to her legs!
Chal, Joote UTAR!
Rub my feet, boy, take my SHOES OFF!
I just saw an Indian actress who went through a divorce because she actually commanded her hubsand to do that, maybe her third divorce it was.
WHAT???? I can’t believe it, he – they – were so lucky!
Anyway, again … lest I get carried away (I already have by Ma’am, so GORGEOUS!)

In the Garima Madam series, another one of the critically acclaimed series – I follow Garima Madam – backwards.

Her ass, and hers lovers ass too – hehe. Lots of cuckolding in that book!

But, the Prequel to that book tells you the tale of Garima Madam’s otherwise very humble beginnings, and how she rose to became the imperious, dominating FORCE OF NATURE she is today !

And remains so – at the age of I think, right about now? 35 plus!

Thats for the Sequel, of course.

But if there ever was an older lady that would inspire that, it’s my next door neighbor, or one of them, or so it seemed!

On that note, Pablo, my great translator for the Madam Carrie series in addition to not sleeping more than he had to , he so loves the book – and translating perfectly – and the scores of fantastic, positive (much appreciated, Pablo!!) comments he left on my books on the other site – said this too.

“man, I so want to know more about miss V!” 

I dont blame him. Hehe.

She was really my next door neighbor – quite literally.

Miss X Beauty Salon, I just changed it to V, the rest, right down to my “old neighbor” Sophia – not Sophia Bai – not Princess Sophia – but another Sophia – all true – right down to the DOGS!

Quite literally, Poochie it was! 

And other than the Garima Madam series, the Miss V Beauty Salon series is a must grab!

Do so now, friend.


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

“Rooster for milk, bulls for milk”, so they said…

Dear Friend,

I saw – or should I say, I got forwarded the following by a friend.

“If you dont think gender matters, try buying a rooster for eggs, and bulls for milk. 

You’ll soon learn God knew what he was doing…” 

I cannot remember the second line verbatim, but it was that.

And it was interesting, and funnily enough, true in many ways.

One of the cardinal sins I keep “railing against” in “A complete guide to understanding dominant ladies from mainland China” is this – “dont be a doormat”.


Bozos globally dont get it, since it’s all about her, right?

It is, but it isn’t in that way!

She wants a real man who loves to submit!

And who KNOWS that is his ROLE in life, pre defined and pre-ordained DESTINY rather than just wack off to it, then send inane messages about (like that Glyn did) “Please, I want to put my dick in your sexy lips!”

Ugh, if there ever was a cornier pick up line that causes girls to delete and block you … Bozo knows that, of course.

But really, in that book I go into the difference between men and women, and that section, believe it or not is CRUCIAL to understanding and GETTING real femdom.

Read the book, read the experiences at the end, you’ll know what I mean, and why I say what I do the way I do, my friend.

But otherwise, and that out of the way?

I dont know, Roosters for eggs? Hehe.

Roosters have such lovely eggs the “hens” licks! Hehe.

And lovely ones the hen does – to be KICKED.

Both so NICE!

Or, even better, hen + rooster all in ONE!❤😍 (tranny).

…. and bulls for milk ?

Well, that milk is holy and pristine for bulls, and how to get it in all it’s creamy juicyness?

Well, its why I wrote Cock Worship for Sissies and Faggots, to turn him on AS MUCH as you can, so that final load comes, thick, creamy and SPURTING …

It’s also why I Wrote the definitive course for you hens that love to be milked – SissyGasm Central!


And to end off?

I’d say God may or may not have known, but Goddess definitely did – and Does!


Im out – back soon!


Mike Watson

Indian Femdom

Why I so LOVE Carol Ma’am “jootis” …

I’ve been thinking Carol for a while – and pink slippers – and the lovely redoubtable Miss Summer, and her pink slippers – and Madam Christina (again with pink slippers) …

WOMEN – most – have pink slippers, boy!

And so do sissies, except the difference is the latter keeps them CLEAN – both theirs, and hers (his).


Those pink slippers are such a turn on!

I’ve often spoken about how I want to buy Miss Summer’s OLD pink slippers – slippers this 45 plus year old lady has LONG discarded, Madam wears more multi colored slippers (blue and other bright colors) … her daughter wears the old ones – sometimes!

There they sit, discarded, but they catch my eye every time I come home!

And I so want to wipe the DUST off them!

Madam is SO NICE!

Anyway, pink slippers are one thing.


Y’all may or may not know what they are – they’re “ethnic shoes” – basically made of jute, or cloth, or a mixture thereof.

Bright, vibrant colors…

Google it, you’ll know!

And theyre FLAT!

And worn along with TIGHT fitting “salwars” – that long dress women wear which shows you nothing above the ankle – or as Carol – or Princess Joanie did – with LONG FLOWING SKIRTS (Sophia Ma’am loves skirts too, the long ones, no showing legs to “boy” – “not a chance, BOY!” as she says) … so SEXY!

Such a turn on!

I remember meeting Carol after a while in her car after a workout – or outside.

And she stepped out, invited me to sit in her car to talk, my mind – and eyes though?


She knew this, of course.

And never fails to giggle about it even today.

So cute, hehe.

I was looking at her Chinese “jootis” … 

And I dont know, so sexy!

The foot underneath, FLAT – grime sticking to the sole – so SEXY!

And the smell, Carol Ma’am was one whose feet smelt of leather even after a shower!

STRONG leather, I still remember …

And those lovely soles were SO lovely, SO SEXY …

Anyway, I dont know – I find jootis to be very sexy – what about you?

Write back, let me know.

And I’ll be back!


Mike Watson

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